U.S. economy "poised for progress," Obama says

Washington, May 9 (EFE).- The U.S. economy is "poised for progress," President Barack Obama said Thursday in Texas as he embarked on what the White House calls a "Middle-Class Jobs and Opportunity Tour."

Obama gave a speech to students at Manor New Technology High School in Austin and after that he was scheduled to visit a microchip factory in the Texas capital.

"Our economy can't succeed unless our young people have the skills that they need to succeed," the president told students and teachers.

"Every young person in America deserves a world-class education. We've got an obligation to give it to them," he said.

Obama went on to identify three key components of a strategy to generate more jobs and opportunity.

"First of all, we've got to make America a magnet for good jobs. Second, we've got to help people earn the education and develop the skills they need to do those jobs. And number three, we've got to make sure that people who are working hard are able to achieve a decent living," he said.

Obama said that over the past three years the private sector has created more than 6.5 million jobs, the housing market is improving and the deficit is being reduced, while describing those advances as "not good enough."

"We've cleared away the rubble of the worst economic crisis in our lifetimes," the president said. "So we're poised for progress."

Along those lines, the president called upon Congress to approve his economic proposals to benefit the middle class because, he said, "America does best when we work together."