Spaniard attempts 1st motorcycle trip from Shanghai to Lisbon

Shanghai, May 10 (EFE).- Spanish adventurer Ricard Tomas, together with a Brazilian and five Chinese, will try to be the first to motorcycle from this Chinese metropolis by the Pacific Ocean to Lisbon on the Atlantic.

Tomas, who is leading the expedition that left Friday from the door of the Cervantes Institute in Shanghai, told Efe that, by going on this adventure, he'll have the "dream come true" that he had when he came to China 20 years ago, which was to return to Spain some day on a motorcycle.

As a symbol of the terrestrial unity between the two oceans, the seven bikers filled a bottle of water from the Pacific several days ago on the coast at Nanhui, some 80 kilometers (50 miles) from Shanghai.

That bottle of water, which looks muddy due to the high density of sediment poured into the sea at the nearby mouth of the Yangtze River, will be with the bikers all the way to Lisbon, where they hope to pour it symbolically into the Atlantic Ocean in the latter half of July.

"This trip is full of symbolisms, from the bottle of water, to uniting the oceans by crossing all Eurasia by land, and also the idea of leaving from the Cervantes Institute, the perfect cultural symbol of Spain around the world and of course in Shanghai," Tomas said.

"You've always got the feeling that you've forgotten something, but the moment you kick-start the motorcycle all the doubts you had disappear...and some others will begin to take over," he said as he prepared to begin the trek that will take him and his companions 18,218 kilometers (11,320 miles).

At first Tomas was going to travel alone, but after posting his plan on the Internet, people began wanting to accompany him, to the point that he finally had to make a selection. After assembling a team of four Chinese men and a Chinese woman ranging in age from 30 to 59, in April he added the Brazilian Konrad Heilmann.