Vargas Llosa lets the bull speak in book about a matador

Madrid, May 10 (EFE).- Writer Mario Vargas Llosa takes on the character of a fighting bull in one of the essays compiled in "Dialogo con Navegante" (Dialogue with Navegante), a book inspired by Spanish matador Jose Tomas.

"Monologo del Toro" (Monologue of the Bull), the essay by the Peruvian Nobel laureate in Literature, takes some profound conclusions from the speech given last year by Tomas at the Paquiro Award, an event that honors the year's outstanding bullfighting moment.

On that occasion, Tomas recounted the imaginary and transcendental conversation he had during his convalescence with Navegante, the bull that in April 2010 gored him and left him on the brink of death at the bullring in Aguascalientes, Mexico. That imaginary conversation is also in the book.

Vargas Llosa and other writers analyze the most significant aspects of Tomas's discourse in a series of essays that study the values and cultural aspects of bullfighting.

Among the contributing authors are Araceli Guillaume-Alonso, history professor at the Sorbonne, anthropologist Natalia Radetich, newspaper editor Agustin Morales, French writer Francois Zumbiehl, Spanish jounalists Vicente Zabala de la Serna and Paco Aguado, and former business executive Luis Abril.

The book was published jointly by Espasa and the Jose Tomas Foundation, whose president, Rogelio Perez, told Efe that the purpose of the work is "to disseminate the profound messages and philosophical concepts that bullfighting inspires."