Teaching Spanish comes to Shanghai

Shanghai, May 14 (EFE).- The Beijing branch of Spain's Cervantes Institute this week will introduce itself as a teaching institution for Spanish in Shanghai, the hub of the Chinese economy, in an alliance with state-owned China International Intellectech Corporation, or CIIC.

"The important thing is to make Spanish publicly known, which is the value we have," the director of the Beijing Cervantes Institute, Inmaculada Gonzalez Puig, told Efe.

The agreement is aimed at joining forces to offer "a program of courses by the CIIC in which we contribute the teaching supervision, quality control, the selection of professors and also classroom support," she said.

The classes will be held in the training facility of the Shanghai affiliate of CIIC, in the city's central Xuhui district, where seven classrooms initially have been outfitted, although it is expected that the local demand for Spanish instruction will soon mean that more are needed.

"They are courses oriented to all levels, in different formats, time slots and disciplines, with a maximum of 14 students per class. And we're convinced that they will get an excellent reception in the city," Gonzalez Puig said.

"I think that the Chinese authorities are very aware of the need they have to train bilingual personnel, because in public institutions, ministries (and) corporations, they also have this shortage, and they are the ones primarily interested in achieving this advance," she said.

In the Chinese metropolis, "there is great demand for Spanish in all sectors," in part because there are many Chinese businesses "that are working with Spain or with Latin America and that need professionals who speak Spanish and Chinese," she noted.