Governor signs executive orders boosting alternative energy in Puerto Rico

San Juan, May 15 (EFE).- Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla has signed four executive orders aimed at boosting the use of renewable energy sources in Puerto Rico.

The goal is to implement a program to gradually replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources, the governor said.

"My administration is taking firm steps to advance our energy agenda, an agenda aimed, mainly, at setting this country on the path to energy independence, and to reduce and stabilize the cost of electricity," Garcia Padilla said.

One of the executive orders grants priority approvals to renewable energy projects on the condition that environmentally valuable lands and farmland be protected.

Another executive order creates the Energy Independence Council, whose mission will be to develop a new energy policy for the island.

The governor also used his executive authority to create the Electricity Reliability Council, a body that will formulate recommendations for dealing with problems affecting the grid and the integration of alternative energy sources.