SIGNUS and Agencia EFE create environmental journalism scholarship

Madrid, May 30 (EFE).- Signus-Ecovalor director general Jesus Maria Nuñez Imaz and Agencia EFE CEO Jose Antonio Vera on Thursday unveiled the 1st Signus-Efeverde Scholarship for journalism and sustainability, a project that will allow a journalism student to specialize in environmental reporting.

"Quality specialized information is emerging as one of the best tools for education and environmental awareness, and we want to contribute by offering a young journalist the opportunity to learn from the best professionals," the scholarship program's organizers said.

Nuñez Imaz told EFEverde that the public lacks awareness of this highly specialized area, which requires high quality information and programs that train professionals to report on these extremely complex issues.

Scholarship winners will receive specialized training in environmental journalism during a one-year period from the professionals at EFEverde/Futuro, Agencia EFE's environmental science and technology unit.

Students selected for the program will get a stipend of 7,200 euros ($9,386) paid over 12 months and will have a tutor assigned by EFEescuela, the training unit of Agencia EFE.

The scholarship competition is open to students in the last two years of an undergraduate degree program and graduate students in journalism and communications.

Applicants must submit a short video report on the subject of used tires.

The video must be uploaded to YouTube with the hashtags #becasignusefeverde, #signus and #efeverde.

Videos will be judged on the hits they draw on social-networking sites using the same hashtags.

A jury made up of SIGNUS, EFEverde and EFEescuela representatives will evaluate the videos and interview the finalists.

Information about the scholarship program is available at,, and

The program continues Agencia EFE's efforts to train young journalists in environmental reporting.

Agencia EFE, Spain's international news agency, has formed partnerships with public and private entities, such as Tetra Pak, Fundacion Biodiversidad, SIGRE and now SIGNUS, to provide specialized training to young journalists.

SIGNUS, a non-profit organization that focuses on recycling used tires, has processed more than 1 million tons of end-of-life tires sinces its creation.