Army thwarts suicide attack on gas export terminal in Yemen

Sana'a, Jun 2 (EFE).- The Yemeni army on Sunday thwarted a suicide attack with a truck bomb against an important natural gas export terminal in southwestern Yemen, the Defense Ministry said.

The Al Qaeda terrorist network was behind the attack, the ministry said.

The suicide bomber managed to blow up the truck he was driving near an entrance to the port in the Belhaf zone, in the southwestern province of Shabua, a security official told Efe.

The driver detonated the vehicle when he was fired upon by Yemeni soldiers, who responded with gunfire when he refused their command to stop.

At another entrance to the port, security guards confronted a group of armed men and managed to prevent them from breaking into the port facilities.

Suspected militants from Al Qaeda tried to attack several areas of the port, but they were all repulsed by security guards, the Defense Ministry said.

French oil giant Total, which manages the port of Belhaf, said in a statement that the operations at the installation were not affected by the incidents.

Belhaf, on the Gulf of Aden, is the country's main export site for natural gas produced in Maareb province.

In recent months, several oil and gas pipelines in Yemen have been attacked, strikes for which officials have blamed Al Qaeda.