7 Afghan insurgents die in attack on Kabul airport

Kabul, Jun 10 (EFE).- Seven Taliban fighters died Monday in an attack on the Kabul airport, the Afghan capital's police chief told Efe.

Two members of the Taliban unit exploded suicide bombs and another five were gunned down by security forces, while the civilian population suffered no casualties, Mohammad Ayub Salangi said.

He said the insurgents were armed with explosives, grenades and automatic rifles and took cover in two half-completed buildings near the airport, from where they traded shots with security forces for several hours.

He said the terminal remains closed to air traffic.

The attack came a day after Afghan President Hamid Karzai traveled to Qatar to attend the annual U.S.-Islamic World Forum, where he gave a speech on the possibilities of dialogue in resolving the Afghan conflict.

Qatar has been the scene of several unsuccessful attempts to establish negotiations between the Taliban and the Kabul government.

The airport attack was one of the most daring armed operations yet perpetrated by the insurgents in recent years, and coincides with the gradual withdrawal of NATO troops from the South Asian nation.