Cantinflas grandson found dead

Mexico City, Jun 24 (EFE).- A grandson of Mexican actor Mario Moreno - "Cantinflas" - who has had drug addiction problems for years was found dead Monday.

The media said that Mario Moreno Bernat, 22, was found hanging lifeless in the bathroom of a suite in the Hotel Santa Cruz at around 3:00 a.m.

The young man was accompanied by a woman who has given a statement about the "apparent suicide," MVS radio said.

Up to now neither the Mexico state Attorney General's Office nor the Tlalnepantla municipal police have confirmed how the young man, the son of Sandra Bernat and Cantinflas' only son, Mario Moreno Ivanova, died.

In July 2012, Moreno Bernat told Efe that his father had been involved in cases of corrupting minors and that it had personally affected him.

Cantinflas' grandson had previously filed a complaint against his father which specifically blamed him for introducing him to addictive substances and "meetings with prostitutes," as well as for "psychological abuse."

Moreno Bernat said at the time that he had not reported his father before because he feared "more physical and psychological abuse."

At that time Moreno Bernat said his drug addiction was a consequence of the destructive influence of his father, but with regard to that problem he said he was "in rehabilitation."

Cantinflas died in 1993 from lung cancer, and after his death the family became immersed in a number of lawsuits over his inheritance.