Cuban exile groups denounce abuse of migrants in Bahamas

Miami, Jul 15 (EFE).- Several Cuban exile organizations denounced here Monday what they call a policy of mistreating undocumented immigrants in the Bahamas.

The Bahamas government routinely abuses undocumented immigrants who land on its territory, "not only Cubans but also Haitians, Brazilians and even Chinese," Ramon Saul Sanchez, director of the Miami-based Democracy Movement, told Efe.

The protest comes as a result of pictures released on the Internet, in which a Bahamian detention center official is seen "kicking the detainees," Sanchez said.

With the aim of ending this "government policy" against human rights, a flotilla made up of a dozen boats will protest in the Port of Miami this Friday in front of cruise ships that sail to the Bahamas, he said.

"We're not taking action against either the cruise ships or the tourists, but we're asking them as a matter of conscience to urge the Bahamian government to stop this kind of conduct," the Cuban activist said.

Activists plan to present the cruise ships with some huge signs that say "Bahamas, stop the cruelty to the undocumented" and "Bahamas be beautiful again. Respect human rights."

At the same time a blimp will fly over the cruise ships pulling a banner bearing the word "Democracy."