Spain leads EU in proportion of college grads at risk of poverty

Brussels, Jul 17 (EFE).- Spain leads all European Union member-states in the proportion of those who have completed university studies who are at risk of poverty, the EU's Eurostat statistics agency said Wednesday.

While the median for the 28-nation bloc is 7.3 percent, in Spain 10 percent of university graduates are at risk of poverty, followed by Britain and Denmark, both at 9.4 percent.

The EU countries with the lowest risk of poverty among their citizens who have completed university studies are Romania, 2 percent; and Portugal, 2.4 percent.

Eurostat found that in general, the risk of poverty is greater among people who have completed a lower level of studies than among those who graduate from a university.

For the EU as a whole, 24.2 percent of the people who have completed only their basic high school education are at risk of poverty, a proportion that in the case of Spain rises to 26.3 percent.

Forty-four percent of less-educated Bulgarians are at risk of poverty, while only 12 percent of their peers in the Netherlands face the same prospect.

Denmark shows the smallest discrepancy in poverty risk based on educational level, with 17 percent of those with less schooling deemed at risk, compared with 9.4 percent of university graduates.

Eurostat defines persons at risk of poverty as "those living in a household with an equivalised disposable income below ... 60 percent of the national median equivalised disposable income.