Lady Gaga speeds up release of new single "Applause"

Washington, Aug 13 (EFE).- Songstress Lady Gaga is hurrying the official release of "Applause," the first single from her new album "ARTPOP," to a week before scheduled due to piracy leaks making it already available on the Internet.

"Due to hackers an abundance of low/high quality leaks...we issue this pop music emergency...monsters spread the word," Lady Gaga said on her Twitter account.

The release of "Applause," the first song on her new disc "ARTPOP," was originally scheduled for Aug. 19.

Lady Gaga also said she will give a live performance of the number at the MTV Video Music Awards on Aug. 25 in Brooklyn.

The new disc "ARTPOP," which will come with an app for electronic devices, goes on sale next Nov. 11.

The release will now coincide with that of "Roar," the song by Katy Perry - which was also leaked on the Internet prematurely - who is Lady Gaga's rival for current pop music stardom.