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1 Dead, 5 missing in China as result of Typhoon Utor


Beijing, Aug 15 (EFE).- One person died and five others are missing in China after the passage of Typhoon Utor, which made landfall in the southern province of Canton bringing heavy winds and torrential rains, the official news agency Xinhua said Thursday.

The victims were residents of the city of Maoming, one of the urban areas most affected by the storm.

In the same city, authorities had evacuated more than 88,000 residents before Utor arrived, especially those citizens who live on boats, in improvised shelters or in other unstable structures.

In the districts of Zhanjiang and Wuchuan, located in the same province, several villages were flooded when containment dikes along the Quehua River overflowed, but no casualties were reported.

Utor, the 11th typhoon to affect China this year, caused at least seven deaths in the Philippines, and four people remain missing there.

The storm made landfall Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. in western Canton, bringing winds of more than 150 kph (93 mph) and very heavy rainfall.

Although reduced in strength, during the night Utor moved toward the autonomous region of Guangxi and it is expected that its effects will be felt there over the next four days.