Exhibit in Mexico evokes "zero moment" of artistic creation

Mexico City, Aug 16 (EFE).- Seven Mexican artists address memory, the passage of time and other ways of inhabiting public space in the exhibit "Momento Cero."

The show, which runs though Sept. 22 at Mexico City's Ex Teresa Arte Actual museum of contemporary art, embraces the notion of art as a living thing with an origin comparable to the "Big Bang" that is thought to have marked the beginning of the universe.

"Momento Cero" includes video, installations and sound, as well as paintings and drawings.

One of the artists, Antonio Guerra, said during a tour of the exhibit that his contribution, "Causa-Defecto," is meant to show "that every action has an effect" and to encourage interaction between the piece and the viewer.

"Ciclo," by Raul Bello, is a work proclaiming the virtues of bamboo.

"Bamboo is the plant that absorbs the most carbon dioxide," the artist said. "If we propose to reforest with bamboo, we could cleanse the environment a little more."

In "Apariciones," Said Dokins remembers the thousands of people who have disappeared in Mexico's bloody drug wars.

While the works on display are more or less finished, their realization can "go on and go on," curator Miguel Angel Estevez told a press conference to mark the opening of "Momento Cero."