Conservative group says immigration reform would create jobs

Washington, Aug 20 (EFE).- The conservative American Action Network issued a communique saying that the immigration reform bill passed by the Senate in June would create and average of 14,000 new jobs in each of the 435 U.S. congressional districts.

The note has been sent to the offices of lawmakers in an attempt by the organization to drum up support when members of the House of Representatives return in September and resume the reform debate.

American Action Network has also made available to cybernauts a tool on the Internet through which any citizen can look up the estimated number of jobs the reform would create in his or her district up to the year 2023.

For example, District 4 of Arizona, represented by Republican Paul Gosar, would see the number of jobs increase by 13,435, while in District 7 of Colorado represented by Democrat Ed Perlmutter, 16,975 new jobs would be created.

In no district would less than 7,000 jobs be created, according to American Action Network estimates.

The organization has based these estimates on data compiled by the consultancy Regional Economic Models, Inc.

If the reform goes forward as the Senate passed it, the 11 million undocumented immigrants estimated to be living in the United States would acquire legal status.

Some opponents say the resulting sudden increase in the labor force would cause a drop in wages, as well as greater competition at the expense of U.S. workers.

The United States unemployment rate stood at 7.4 percent in July.