Anarchist bakery makes its mark in Paris

Paris, Sep 9 (EFE).- The Conquete du Pain is a neighborhood business on the outskirts of Paris where nine people make baguettes, croissants and chocolate buns, a shop on the corner not very different, at first glance, from the other 35,000 bakeries dotted about the Gallic nation.

However, it is the only anarchist "boulangerie" in or around the capital of a country where bread, cheese and wine are elements of the national identity.

"We're a self-managed bakery. There are no bosses here, we work as colleagues and hold an assembly every two weeks to decide what we're going to do. We all earn the same salary of 1,350 euros ($1,780) a month and have the same share of the profits," Pierre Pawin, the promoter of this particular kind of cooperative, told Efe.

The bakery was founded three years ago in Montreuil, an old Communist Party stronghold in the Parisian suburbs, governed today by the green political movement. Several anarchist militants decided to move from theory to practice and try out a self-managed business.

They called the bakery La Conquete du Pain (The Victory of Bread), a wink at the like-named work by the 19th century anarcho-communist Piotr Kropotkin.

And for its logo they use a silhouette taken from the Delacroix painting "Liberty Leading the People," commemorating the July Revolution of 1830.

They bake their own handcrafted products, up to 35 of them that prioritize the organic, and identify their sandwiches with historical revolutionary names: the Bakunin, with tuna and shallots; the Durruti, with chicken, cheese and curry; and the Marx, with baked ham and Emmenthal cheese.