Ricky Martin: "If I were going to marry, I'd love to do it in Spain"

Madrid, Dec 14 (EFE).- When Ricky Martin obtained Spanish citizenship two years ago, it was speculated to be his first step toward an imminent wedding with partner Carlos Gonzalez, a rumor that went nowhere as the months went by and he expressly denied it in all his interviews...up to now.

"If I were going to marry, I'd love to do it in Spain - there are some spectacular settings for having a great formal wedding," the singer told Efe on his latest visit to Madrid, insisting there had been truth in those earlier comments and on the reason why he applied for citizenship in this country, where same-sex marriage has been legalized.

The application for Spanish nationality was "a question of identity," he said, though making it clear that his roots are in Puerto Rico, as is his future, at least until his children also see Spain as part of their cultural identity.

"I had to come back here to give my kids the answer to who we are and where we come from," the vocalist of "Maria" said.

His real name being Enrique Martin Morales, he reclaims his Spanish blood through his two family names and through the Arizmendi line from his Basque grandmother.

"We're all over the peninsula," the singer joked, adding that "any excuse is good enough to spend time in Spain."

This year he debuted as coach in the Australian version of the TV show "The Voice," an experience he described as "fascinating" and in which, he said, there is an undeniable "competitive instinct" to be seen.

"Working with those young artists helped me return to my beginnings, to those emotions of uncertainty," he said, adding that if he were offered the chance to repeat that role in the Spanish version, which will conceivably change judges in its third season, "I'd think about it."