Fidel Castro reappears in public

Havana, Jan 9 (EFE).- Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro reappeared in public for the inauguration of an art studio in Havana that coincided with the 55th anniversary of his triumphal entry into the capital, official media said Thursday.

The 87-year-old Fidel, whose last public appearance had been in April 2013, on Wednesday night attended the opening of the "Kcho estudio Romerillo, Laboratorio para el arte."

"On the 55th anniversary of the entry into Havana of Fidel at the head of the Rebel Army, the historic leader of the Revolution came to the workshop ... and greeted artists and the public who applauded emotionally," Communist Party daily Granma said.

The only photograph released of the event appeared Thursday on the official Cubadebate Web site, and in it Castro is seen from the back seated in a chair and gesturing with his left arm toward one of the works of art in the gallery, but later a state-run television news program transmitted a report with video images of the former president.

In the video, Castro can be seen seated and dressed warmly, while chatting in a friendly manner with some of the gallery's invited guests and with the artist Kcho, although no remarks of the Cuban leader were included.

Castro gave up power in July 2006 after falling gravely ill, delegating leadership of the country to his younger brother Raul, who in 2008 was formally confirmed in the post of president of Cuba.

Since then, the leader of the Cuban Revolution has maintained a low public profile although he has made sporadic appearances and published, albeit less and less requently, columns in the press.

Cuban authorities postponed the events to commemorate Wednesday's anniversary due to bad weather.

On New Year's Day, President Raul Castro was in the eastern city of Santaiago de Cuba to preside at the main political event commemorating the triumph of the Revolution.