New machine sells Mexican burritos 24/7

Los Angeles, Mar 12 (EFE).- The Burrito Box, a new machine featuring cutting-edge technology, is dishing out hot burritos to hungry consumers at any time of day all 365 days of the year.

"The Burrito Box is the food dispenser of the future," Denis Koci, co-founder of Burrito Box creator The Box Brands, told Efe.

"There are already prototypes of flying cars and rocket packs you wear on your back for the future, and we are in the vanguard when it comes to kiosks for hot fast food," Koci said.

The Box Brands, which was founded more than four years ago, focuses on selling snacks, sodas and other goodies via vending machines.

"Burritos are a sexy food in the United States, just like pizza was in the 1970s," Koci said.

"So my partners and I designed a machine to sell hot burritos, and chefs say the best way to heat refrigerated foods is using steam," the executive said.

The Box Brands went to Automated Vending Technologies, or AVT, last year and ordered two machines, Koci said, adding that the burritos were made by Evol Burritos.

Burritos, a popular food in northern Mexico and across the United States, are made by wrapping rice, beans, meat and other items in a flour or corn tortilla.

The Burrito Box prototypes were rolled out in January at the Mobil station on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood and at the Century City 76 gas station in Los Angeles.

"Another machine will be installed soon at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles," Koci said.

The machines sell five different types of burritos for $3 plus tax and accept only credit cards.