Spanish photojournalist captures other side of India with cellphone camera

New Delhi, May 22 (EFE).- Spanish photojournalist Rafa Gasso has inaugurated an exhibition of his work in New Delhi, giving visitors a look at the less-traveled India via pictures taken with a cellphone camera.

The exhibition, titled "Indian Palabras" (Indian Words), opened on Wednesday at the Cervantes Institute in the Indian capital.

The show includes about 100 images hanging from the ceiling and in almost constant movement, with Gasso mixing postcard views with photos of daily life in India.

"I came up with this project last year in response to the need to find a new narrative language with which to tell (the story) of the India that does not fit into traditional media outlets," Gasso told Efe.

The photojournalist, who was born in Valencia in 1973, compared using cellphones with old cameras.

The devices are like old cameras "because they have a series of technical limitations that really force you to think about what type of photograph you want to take, with what type of light you want to work and when you are going to shoot," Gasso said.

A Hindu saint with face painted white, a monkey jumping between two houses and the Holi festival of colors are among the images captured by Gasso.

The photojournalist, however, also took photos of lesser-known places in India, capturing images of foggy nights, women in traditional dress and men chatting at a street barbershop.

"Indian Palabras" runs until June 30 at the Cervantes Institute.