Intel exec: Latin Americans want better mobile devices, more Internet access

San Jose, Jul 17 (EFE).- Latin American consumers are increasingly demanding mobile devices that are faster and more efficient, as well as better Internet access, following a trend seen around the world, Intel Corp. consumer sales and marketing manager for Latin America Santiago Cardona said in an interview with Efe.

"The need today is for mobility. Consumers want mobile devices that are easy to use, that have batteries that last, that are thin and light, leading to a big boom in tablets, which meet several of these needs," Cardona said during a stopover in Costa Rica.

The Intel executive is on a tour of several Central American countries this week to discuss trends in mobile devices and processors with the media, customers and tech companies.

Cardona told Efe that "2-in-1s," which combine the computing power of a laptop with the touchscreen of a tablet, are becoming more and more popular in Latin America and around the world.

"In Latin America, the first computing experience for many users has been with a tablet. That has led PCs and notebooks to start to become obsolete," Cardona said.

"Laptops and tablets are converging, becoming hybrid 2-in-1 devices," the Intel executive said.

Some Latin American countries, such as Chile and Colombia, have well-developed digital agendas, while others have lagged due to government regulations and lack of competition, Cardona said.

"In Latin America, there is clearly a greater awareness of the importance of Internet access at a good speed, on a mass scale and at a reasonable cost. This is creating business opportunities and new industries," the Intel executive said.

Central America is a region that offers "more opportunities for technology to penetrate," Cardona said.