European Commission expects from Latvia specific projects on redistribution of funds from failed train procurement

The European Commission expects from Latvia specific and ready-to-go projects to replace the failed train procurement, the spokeswoman of the European Commission's Representation in Latvia, Sanita Jemberga, informed LETA.

So far, the European Commission has not received the requested additional information on Latvia's plans for preventing the risks of delay in three out of six project descriptions that it has received and continues waiting for ready-to-go projects for the remaining 20 percent of EU funds originally meant for the failed train procurement.

Taking into account that the bloc's funds are considerable and the current planning period is close to its end, just like an opportunity to invest this money in Latvia's development, the European Commission expects specific proposals, added Jemberga.

She also reminded that the European Commission has pointed out on several occasions that, in case of replacing the failed train procurement project, alternative projects must serve the same purpose that Latvia planned to achieve with the train procurement project - developing environmentally-friendly transport and promoting the use of public transport instead of private vehicles