India shameful act of Guru’s execution reenergized Kashmir liberation struggle: Majeed

The AJK Prime Minister Ch. Abdul Majeed has said that India executed Kashmiri leader Muhammad Afzal Guru just to please its people but this act reenergized the Kashmir liberation struggle.

He said that India could not suppress the freedom struggle of Kashmiris despite heinous tactics and worst human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir.

Talking to various delegations in Islamabad on Monday he said that people of Jammu and Kashmir have rejected the illegal and forcible occupation of India of their state.

He said government has formulated a strategy with the mutual consultation of political leadership of Azad Kashmir and Occupied Kashmir to accelerate highlighting Kashmir issue at home and abroad‚ which would yield positive results. He said all Indian negative tactics to prolong its occupation over Kashmir have failed.

Referring to development in Azad Kashmir the AJK Prime Minister said that government was taking necessary measures for economic progress and prosperity of the state. He said government we are promoting politics of reconciliation and also respect the mandate of opposition.