March traffic statistics brought a positive surprise

This year has started more peacefully in traffic in Estonia than usual, four people have been killed in traffic accidents in the first three months of the year while March didn’t bring any traffic deaths, Public Broadcasting reports.

In the first quarter of last year, 29 people died in traffic. This year's death rate was the smallest of the past ten years, Estonian Police and Border Guard Board deputy director general Tarmo Miilits said that there hasn’t been a month in statistics before when traffic hasn’t claimed any lives.

"Such a thing hasn't happened certainly since World War Two, we can say, when looking at statistics. And the number of injured was by almost a third smaller and the number of traffic accidents caused by drunk drivers was smaller," said Miilits.

Miilits said that people involved in traffic have to be thanked for these positive indicators. "They are the main ones who can influence it the most," he said. The official Highways Board analysis of the traffic will be revealed in two weeks time.