Omani team designs mist screen that is cheaper by RO92,000

Omani Inventors, a group comprising 11 youths, has invented the first made-in-Oman mist screen. A press release stated that using water vapour to create a semi-transparent wall, it acts like a translucent projection screen.

The group displayed its innovation during Comex 2013, which concluded on Friday. Firas al Musafir, the leader of the Omani Inventors group, said, “Our aim is to showcase abilities of Omani youths to innovate and create. We also hope to encourage youngsters to follow the path of innovations in science.”

The release stated that a similar invention already exists, but costs RO100,000 in the market. Recognising the potential of such an innovation, the Omani Inventors began a micro-project to create a 100 per cent Omani-built mist screen, with the support of the Information Technology Authority.

‘Omani Inventors succeeded in developing a mist screen in only five months and spending less than RO8,000 The fact that they saved more than RO92,000 developing this mist screen has not gone unnoticed, as they have been fielding several enquiries from local and international companies that wish to utilise this technology,’ the release said.

The group has college and university majors and not just those who relate to the IT field. Most astonishing though is that there are members within the group who did not finish their studies. “A certificate is not a standard of creativity. Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton were bad at school, but look to what they did. I am so proud of these group members, because they have managed to accomplish the most difficult of challenges,” said Musafir.

The group's next project, called ‘Horizon’, will be the first Omani science lab to be launched into space. ‘Omani Inventors has come up with an idea that has saved a huge amount of money. Their innovation surely does merit taking a closer look. Young Omanis have a lot of creative ideas. Sometimes they just need a push and a little encouragement to feel confident enough to develop their ideas and make them a reality,’ the release said.