Pothohari literature to get place in PAL projects

Mother tongue is a part of sub-consciousness of human being and it reflects in all social behaviours of the society and Pothohari language has rich heritage of beautiful voices with truth and clarity in Pakistani literature.

Javed Iqbal Raja expressed the views while presiding over the meeting with a gathering of Pothohari writers, arranged by Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) and Pothohari Language and Cultural Council.

Abdul Hameed, Chairman PAL, participated as chief guest. The proceedings of the meeting were conducted by Aal-e-Imran. Raja Javed Iqbal said that mother tongue is a part of sub consciousness of human being and it reflects in all social behaviors of the society.

Such gathering of writers is very important for promotion of Pakistani language and literature as remarked by Abdul Hameed, Chairman, PAL. The Chairman PAL assured the participants that appropriate representation of Pothohari language and writers (males & females) should be ensured in all literary projects of PAL.

The participants expressed their views on the history and importance of Pothohari Language and literature which includes Shiraz Tahir, Shoaib Khaliq, Shahid Awan and Syed Taswar Hussain.

Some participants presented their books to the Chairman PAL which includes Riffat Mehmood, Shahzad Arbi Nakish, Sardar Masood Aakash, Afzal Mihas, Hakeem Rauf Kiani, Ikhlaq Arshad, Turab Naqvi and Zaman Akhtar. Some poets like Zaman Akhtar, Azram Khiayam and Imran Aami also recited their poetry on the occasion.