Residents say LVL 665 would be respectable monthly salary in Latvia

Residents of Latvia consider LVL 665 a respectable monthly salary, according to the latest "DNB Latvia Barometer" survey.

Asked how much one should make a month to live a decent life, most said it was LVL 665 - which is LVL 72 more than last July. The authors of the study say, however, that the smaller figure recorded last summer is attributable to the fact that residents then did not have to worry about paying their heating bills. Almost a half of respondents - 47 percent - said LVL 500 would be enough for them to live a decent life, 43 percent said the amount should be LVL 501 to LVL 1,000, and 9 percent - over LVL 1,000, as "DNB banka" informed "".

When asked about a salary enough to implement their dreams, 49 percent named a monthly salary of up to LVL 1,000. 27 percent said they would have to earn LVL 1,001 to LVL 2,000, and 19 percent - more than LVL 2,000. Only 14 percent said they would do with up to LVL 500. The average amount indicated by respondents was LVL 1,473 a month.

Finally, when asked how much a family with three kids should make every month for a decent living, the average amount the respondents returned was LVL 1,362.

"DNB Latvia Barometer" is a public opinion survey conducted on a monthly basis. One part of the survey features questions that remain the same every month, the other part deals with the current developments in the country - this time, with residents' financial circumstances, budget planning and other such matters. A presentation of the latest survey will take place on Thursday, April 4.