Robbers loot bank, take Rs8m away

Unidentified robbers have taken about Rs8 million from a local bank at gunpoint in Tehsil Razaar here on Tuesday, said the sources ON Tuesday. The incident was occurred in the jurisdiction of the Kalu Khan Police Station at the Habib Bank, Dagai Branch.

Five robbers came on motorcycles and forced their way to the bank and all the staff was made hostages in a room. They were guarded warned to remain quiet. After collecting the amount they rid over their bikes and disappeared. When contacted, Superintendent of Police Dr Mian Muhammad Saeed said that it was a pre-planned robbery.

He said that the total taken amount was about Rs1.5 million. The manager of the bank Zahidullah kept his cell phone off. Two account holders Noor Islam and son of Hakim Khan who cashed money were also deprived of Rs40,000 and of Rs8000 respectively. Dr said that the guard of the bank has been under the police investigation.