The same story of loadshedding

The Wapda spokesperson on Tuesday said that the electricity shortfall was standing at 3,100MW which means six to eight hours load shedding countrywide.

The situation, however, is quite different as the urban and rural limits are under the grip of more than 12 hours shutdown. In Lahore, the Lesco is conducting 12-hour load shedding at city feeders and more than 14 hours in rural areas. According to Wapda, the power generation is standing at 8500 MW with demand of 11600MW.

The shortfall is 3100MW. Independent power plants (IPPs) are contributing 4650MW with national grid while GENCOs are generating 1730 MW and Hydel generation is hovering around 2120MW. The KESCO on Tuesday got 640MW from the national grid to meet the demand of the port city.