Yameen denies any connection to Afrasheem’s murder

Presidential candidate of the Progressive Party of Maldives, PPM, Abdullah Yameen has denied having any connection to the brutal murder of former member of the Peoples’ Majlis for Ungoofaaru constituency.

Yameen denied the recent allegations of Umar Naseer that he saw Yameen with a suspect of the case of Dr. Afrasheem’s murder at the office of PPM.

Yameen said that he has no involvement in the murder of the later MP Dr. Afrasheem. He said that he has no contacts with any of the suspects involved in the murder. He said he has not been charged of corruption and none of his opponents have proved such accusations.

Yameen said that like any other individual his objective and aim is to establish a peaceful environment in the society by resolving the societal ills in the community. He said that he does not intend to refute the claims of Umar although he earlier mentioned that he will after the election. He said that this is not the time for that and it is time to work together to win the presidential election.