Ankara police detain 12 over organized burglaries

In an operation against a criminal organization involved in burglaries, the Ankara Police Department's Special Forces units raided 20 different locations in the capital on Wednesday morning and detained 12 suspects.

On early Wednesday, police units simultaneously raided 20 locations in the Cankaya, Kecioren, Batikent, Altindag, Mamak and Pursaklar districts of Ankara. The head of the criminal organization, Volkan A., and his wife, Duygu A., were found at their rented home in the Sirintepe neighborhood of Mamak.

Police units found a large amount of valuables, including gold and money, which were stolen from dozens of houses in Ankara. The suspects are accused of entering people's houses via force by pointing a gun at them and robbing them. The suspects were taken to a police station to be questioned.