CARP beneficiaries enjoy legal enterprise services

CARP beneficiaries and their organizations need not go to private lawyers for their legal services relating to their farm enterprises.

The Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) has recently conceptualized and trained in-house legal and support services teams to undertake enterprise lawyering for them.

These teams can assist the beneficiaries and their organizations in securing production credit, ensuring the legal requirements for market agreements, acquiring better understanding of agri-insurance contracts and other legal requirements for starting and maintaining an enterprise.

DAR Secretary Virgilio De Los Reyes said where before this task was shouldered by the support services staff of the DAR, this is now shared by the legal officers of the Department in order to tie in the legal documents required for securing support services.

This is a form of legal assistance directed at strengthening the ARB organizations and making them entrepreneurially-viable and therefore, more bankable.

The pilot project of providing enterprise legal assistance to CARP beneficiaries was done with the assistance of the Securities and Exchange Commission on registration of CARP corporations (for profit or non-profit organizations), the Cooperative Development Authority for the registration, re-registration, and training of ARB cooperatives, the Bureau of Internal Revenue for the tax exemptions of ARB associations and cooperatives as well as the requirements on tax compliance, the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation for the orientation on DAR-PCIC agri-insurance program.

Aside from these agencies, select CARP beneficiary organizations and social entrepreneurs shared their expertise and experiences with the teams on business ideation and innovation and on financial management so that they will have a better understanding of the legal enterprise requirements of CARP beneficiaries.