Creation of nuclear fuel bank in Kazakhstan doesn't pose threat of terrorist attacks, Foreign Minister says

Creation of a nuclear fuel bank in Kazakhstan will not lead to terrorist attacks, Kazakhstan's Foreign Minister Yerlan Idrisov said.

Any state may face the threat of terrorism, he said. The question is about storage of low-enriched uranium. The security system of the Ulbinskiy metallurgical plant, where the nuclear fuel bank is supposed to be created, is very strong and received high regards from International Atomic Energy Agency, independent experts. According to their assessments, the security system surpasses similar systems of the leading countries of the world, the Foreign Minister said in an interview with Express-K newspaper on April 4.

The multi-level security system makes access to nuclear materials for unauthorized people impossible even in case of a direct terrorist attack, Minister Idrisov added.

The Minister emphasized Kazakhstan has a well-established export control system, which thouroughly controls move of any sensitive items, nuclear materials among them.

Creation of the low-enriched uranium bank will not lead to bringing and creation of some radioactive waste. The current national legislation prohibits dumping of radioactive waste, the Minister reminded.

The low-enrich uranium bank is a reserve stock of fuel for the nuke plant. IAEA will be owner of the uranium stored in the bank and the fuel will be stored under its control, the Minister explained.

The reserve will be emergency stock that will be used only in case of the crisis situation at the world uranium market. Ideally, this reserve will be never demanded, he added.