Group to launch PHL's first SMS environmental news reporting

The Philippine Network of Environmental Journalists (PNEJ) will be introducing SMS news reporting, considered as first in the country.

Imelda Abano, PNEJ president, said that several journalists all over the country will be oriented aboutshort messaging service (SMS) news reporting on April 7-8 in Metro Manila. This endeavor is being supported by the Europe's Internews Earth Journalism Network.

"PNEJ aims to fundamentally transform the way we report environmental news and feature stories in the Philippines as technological advances enable new forms of journalism. With this workshop, we aim to upgrade journalists' reporting skills and utilize available technology in reporting through SMS or Mobile News Reporting," said Abano.

The province of Aklan which includes Boracay Island was included in the areas for the introduction of the SMS reporting. The said program will be officially introduced to the public on April 22 in time for the celebration of the International Environment Day.