Hafiz urges Muslims to study modern sciences

The Jamaat-ud-Dawa Ameer on Wednesday stressed the need for teaching our children modern scientific education and skills, saying that modern scientific education is originally the heritage of the Muslims.

“Those who abide by the orders of Allah Almighty and enforce the laws given by Allah can enforce justice and eliminate cruelty from the world,” said Professor Hafiz Muhammad Saeed during an educational sitting at Bahawalpur. “English divided the Muslims by changing the educational system and affected their faith.”

He said that several secular elements were raising a voice that Pakistan was not created on the name of Kalma Tayyaba whereas it was created so that Hindus could not take over the whole economy and the Muslim would have nothing if they had not got a separate land. These arguments are a big lie and betrayal and a trick to alter the minds of national youth.

He further said Pakistan and India do not have the governments based on the same ideology. Those are not sincere with Allah and do not abide by the promises made with Him, how they can fulfill their promises with the people, he said.

“We should keep in mind that we are answerable to Allah,” he said. He added that the British divided the Muslims by changing the educational system. “We need to teach our children the modern scientific studies and skills and these are the heritage of the Muslims and Christians got this after fighting with the Muslims and we could not stay behind them but along with it, it is our duty to teach our children Islamic values and for that purpose we have to make our atmosphere at home Islamic. Islam wants to see the Muslims as community and the present condition is because of not implementing the Islamic teachings,” he added.

He said that Quran and Life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) are the lighthouses for the Muslims and we should raise our children along with Islamic teachings and attach them with our Beloved Prophet’s lifestyle. “Students should also follow the teachings of the Sahaba Karaam (the companions of the Last Prophet SAW) so that they can play their role in establishing the Islamic society. If we do not raise our children according to the Islamic teachings, their lives will benefit the non Muslims rather than the Muslims. We should enforce Quran and Sunnah in our homes and women should Hijaab and raise their children with the teachings of Islam and it is the key to success in this world and another,” he concluded.