Pakistani immigrants third largest in UK

Some of the more surprising destinations across the country attracting many of the thousands of migrants making their homes in the UK have been revealed in latest government figures. The figures came out in Department for Work and Pensions data which showed where 600,000 migrants applied for a National Insurance Number to work or study, the Sun has reported. The data suggested while Poland had the largest number of migrants to the UK, there were also 47,270 Indians and 38,300 from Pakistan.

Although London still remains the biggest draw for most people looking to relocate to the UK, areas including Warrington, Hull and Peterborough are proving to be draws for certain nationalities.

And while the figures suggest Polish people, the biggest single group of migrants during 2011-12 with almost 80,000 settling in the UK, seem to like Northern Ireland, Bulgarians tend to head for Herefordshire and Zimbabweans apparently prefer Leicester.

Elsewhere, Birmingham was not surprisingly a big draw, being popular with migrants from China, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and the African state of Eritrea. According to the figures, migrants from China were also keen on Glasgow.

Meanwhile, many of the 33,190 Lithuanians who arrived in the country opted for Peterborough and a large number of Iraqi migrants chose Hull, in Humberside. Warrington, in Cheshire, was also popular with many Slovak migrants. Polish migrants also settled in Ealing, West London, while nearby Brent was a popular destination for Romanians, Hungarians and Portuguese.

Those coming from Australia gravitated towards Hammersmith and Fulham, while South Africans and New Zealand migrants preferred Wandsworth. Meanwhile, Americans tend to go to Westminster or Kensington and Chelsea, according to The Sun.