Traffic woes continue

Traffic jam on main city roads have become permanent agony for commuters as it is difficult for them to reach their destinations in time. A large number of people get late from their offices due to rush of traffic on roads which affects their daily routine.

Students, office workers, traders and people from all walk of life have to experience mess on roads to reach their places especially in the morning and evening. One of the major reasons of traffic jam is wardens who have failed to manage vehicles.

Earlier, during the outgoing Punjab government's term, traffic Police authorities had claimed that there would be no traffic mess after the completion of Metro Bus route. However, mismanagement of traffic department had reduced benefits of various newly-constructed underpasses and bridges while people are still facing problems on roads.

"I used to take 15 to 20 minutes to reach my office on The Mall from my residence in Muslim Town earlier but now I usauly get stuck in the mess for more than an hour," said Riaz Hussain, an employee of a government office. A traffic mess in front of educational institutions at the time of opening and closing has become an irritating issue. Another reason for traffic jam is encroachment and parking along both sides of roads due to negligence of traffic police.

The Hall Road, Jail Road, Davis Road, Neela Gumbad, Anarkali Baazar, The Mall and other roads are full of encroachments.

When contacted, Chief Traffic Office Capt Retrd Suhail Ch, he told APP that city traffic police were facing a short fall of more than 300 personnel and the existing force was trying its best to manage the mess. He added he used to pay visits to main roads daily to inspect the performance of wardens.

He said encroachments were also a main reason of the mess and it was duty of the district administration to take an action against illegal structures.