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'Balikatan 2013' another milestone in US-PHL relations


Philippine exercise director for "Balikatan 2013" Major Gen. Virgilio Domingo on Friday said that the holding of the annual military and humanitarian marks another milestone in the long-relations between Filipino and American forces.

"Today marks another milestone in the long standing relations of the Philippines and the United States of America," he added.

"Balikatan 2013" started this April 5 and will end on the 17th. Around 8,000 Filipinos and American soldiers will participate along with 30 aircraft and three naval ships.

Domingo also stressed that the deep and robust relations between the US and the Philippines can be manifested by the fact that both countries are willing to work "shoulder-to-shoulder" improving security stability and development.

"It is a means for us to reinforce once more the relationship between our two countries, a relationship founded on long time friendship and partnership that withstood the test of time," the Filipino military officer said.

Domingo also stated that both the US and the Philippines have a considerable history of working together in combating the ills that have been present in the world.

"Today, we will carry one with our goal that is based on our goal that is based on our heritage as democratic countries, we will be training side by side in order to advance the security and stability of our regions," he stressed.

Domingo pointed out that this year's "Balikatan" reflect leaderships (of both nations) continuing desire to improve its defense engagement with each other.