Egyptian envoy says brotherhood detainees getting excellent treatment

Relations between the peoples of the UAE and Egypt can never be affected by any passing tension, Egyptian Ambassador to the UAE Tamer Mansour has said.

The Egyptian Ambassador told '' news site that he visited the 14 who are detained in relation to a brotherhood cell in the UAE, adding that they were getting "an excellent treatment at the health and psychological level." "None of the 14 accused complained of mistreatment. Even the issue of their families' residence visas is being sorted with the Emirati officials. Powers of attorney are being issued to the lawyers of the detainees," he said.

Mansour said the Egyptian Foreign Ministry's recent move of summoning Emirati Charge D'affaires was meant to get some clarifications about the case, the investigations and the arrangements for granting the accused legal representation. He also said that the charge sheet had not been issued yet.

The UAE authorities arrested in late December 2012 a number of Egyptian residents and accused them of belonging to the brotherhood organisation and of plotting to undermine the security of the UAE.

The Egyptian Ambassador hailed selection of the Al Azhar Grand Imam Shaikh Ahmed Al Tayeb as the Cultural Personality of the Year by the Sheikh Zayed Book Awards.

"Naming Shaikh Ahmed Al Tayeb for the coveted title was received with joy in Egypt and other Arab and Islamic countries because he symbolises the most world's most prominent Islamic institution and because of his moderate approach and exemplary thoughts." The ambassador added that the selection of Al Tayeb reflected the deep-rooted political, economic and cultural ties between Egypt and the UAE.