3 detained in operation against DHKP/C in Istanbul

Three people were detained in Istanbul on Wednesday evening in an operation targeting the terrorist Revolutionary People's Liberation Party/Front (DHKP/C).

A team from the Istanbul Police Department's counterterrorism unit raided seven locations in the Sultangazi district where suspected members of the terrorist group were believed to be staying. Weapons were seized and three people were detained by the police during the operation. The area where the operation was conducted was temporarily closed off by the police. A group of DHKP/C supporters attacked police with stones and firecrackers, which the police countered with tear gas and pressurized water.

The DHKP/C is a left-wing terrorist group that has intensified its terrorist activities targeting public servants and state buildings in the past year. The terrorist organization came onto the agenda most recently with the US Embassy attack in Ankara on Feb. 1. A suicide bomber detonated an explosive device at the entrance of the embassy, killing himself and a Turkish security guard and critically wounding a journalist on her way to visit the ambassador. Soon after the bombing, the DHKP/C posted a statement on a website claiming responsibility for the suicide attack, after which the group became the subject of intense scrutiny.

Meanwhile, CNN Turk reported on Thursday that a man who was wanted on suspicion of being a suicide bomber for the DHKP/C was detained by Dutch police while protesting against Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the Netherlands on March 21. The suspect, Bulut Yayla, was kept in custody for 48 hours and released after interrogation.