Bahceli calls on Turkish nationalists to fight under MHP umbrella

Leader of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Devlet Bahceli on Thursday called on Turkish nationalists to come together under the umbrella of his party and struggle together against the hardships Turkey is facing today.

Bahceli's remarks came during a memorial ceremony for the late MHP leader Alparslan Turkes at his graveside. Thursday marked the 16th anniversary of the death of Turkes, a legendary figure for the country's nationalists.

Bahceli was accompanied by Turkes's sons Tugrul and Ahmet at the ceremony, which was attended by thousands of nationalists from across the country. Tugrul is an MHP deputy, while Ahmet is a deputy from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party).

The MHP leader addressed the crowd following the Quran recitation, saying: “Mr. Turkes was against betrayers, those with an evil heart and intentions and a lack of morals, those who tried to look down on people and those who think of handing Turkey to the mandate of foreign ideologies. He was strongly against division, separatism and dissension.”

Bahceli is very outspoken these days due to his party's opposition to the ongoing settlement process with the terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). The party is against the talks held with the PKK by the state in order to find a solution to Turkey's long-standing Kurdish problem and describes the process as an “act of betrayal.”

In his speech, Bahceli also said recent developments in the country have proved how correct was the direction shown by Turkes to Turkish nationalists.

“In this regard, we are in the right position, on right path and the followers of a just cause. Despite propaganda and destructive attempts for many years, Turkish nationalism has begun to find a place again in the hearts of our nation, and the justness of the Nationalist Movement has been understood better as time goes by,” he said.

Bahceli also noted that Turkes's advice is to be wary of betrayal, alert against division, cautious of abuse and calm towards provocation.

Bahceli said Turkes left behind two legacies, one of which is the MHP and the other idealist Turkish youth.

Turkes is also the founding father of the MHP.