Dilapidated state of fence between Namibia and Botswana led to movement of animals going uncontrolled

The dilapidated state of the fence between Namibia and Botswana has led to the movement of animals going uncontrolled, which in turn results in animal diseases spreading.

The fence’s state has also made it easy for illegal immigrants to cross over from one country into the other, the Namibian Police Force (NamPol)’s Kavango Regional Commander, Commissioner Olavi Auanga said shortly after concluding the one-day Namibia/Botswana inter-state regional public security meeting at Rundu in the Kavango Region on Monday.

A large number of poles along the international veterinary cordon fence between the two countries have been destroyed by either termites or elephants and are in need of replacement.

Commissioner Auanga told Nampa on Tuesday a 22 kilometre (km) stretch of the fence has been damaged by elephants.

He said the meeting recommended that the higher authorities in the two governments repair the fence along the two countries’ border.

According to Auanga, from 10 July 2012 to 18 March this year, seven illegal immigrants have crossed over from Botswana into Namibia through the Kavango Region.