Eesti Energia launched sale of gas

Estonian state-owned energy giant Eesti Energia launched sale of natural gas; initially only to select clients to test the service, Postimees writes. Eesti Energia board member Margus Kaasik said that the gas comes from Eesti Gaas and is sold to test clients. When the project justifies itself, the company starts public offering. He said that Eesti Energia wants to start selling natural gas in all Baltic states.

Eesti Energia as an electricity seller has a giant database on households to whom offer the new service. Kaasik said that the company formed a sales team for the free electricity market that can be used to sell other products. The company expects the government to liberalise the gas market though. "The electricity market has been free for years, considering that partially the market was opened in 2009. As to the gas market, Gazprom creates as much of one as it wants to," he said.

The Competition Board has granted natural gas sales permit besides Eesti Gaas that has the biggest market share, to 19 other companies but only Eesti Energia is independent of grid companies among them. Eesti Gaas' subsidiary EG VOrguteenus should sell the gas main grid next year. State-owned electricity main grid company Elering is one of the companies that wishes to buy it.