Experts: Estonia has to add more extra value to its fisheries production

More extra value should be given to fish caught in Estonia, the expert committee preparing the Estonian fisheries strategy 2014-2020 stated at their Monday meeting, agriculture ministry press department reports.

The Estonian fisheries strategy has to determine the measures of using the means of the European Union marine and fisheries fund for developing Estonian fisheries sphere in 2014-2020. With the strategy's fish processing and marketing measures, the main aim is to create an environment that is favourable for processing and increasing the availability and consumption of fish.

"It is also very important that Estonia should evolve from mainly the fisher for Baltic herring and Baltic sprats to a leading Baltic Sea logistics centre in fish processing," said agriculture minister Helir-Valdor Seeder. "The Baltic herring and Baltic sprats that have been caught have to be added as much extra value as possible. Currently it is mostly frozen an exported in a little processed form."