How long will this go on?

It was reported by all national dailies that most of ex-ministers and MNAs of previous government have not paid their outstanding electricity bills and other government taxes amounting to many millions of rupees. Hence they are also the defaulters of WAPDA. This lawless country may experience another legalised plunder by the ‘Caretaker government’ letting them off the hook and transferring all this loss to the consumer’s bills.

How long will this go on?WAPDA and other government agencies need to regularise and stabilise their billing system, an ordinary consumer is not even given one month’s grace, in delaying payment of electricity bill, then why are MNA’s and MPA’s given years to misuse and squander electricity? This is not the first time that WAPDA has adopted this bad practice; what is beyond comprehension is why filthy rich defaulters, mostly politicians are not paying their electricity bills? Chairman WAPDA can show some mettle and stand up for the nation; for once, maybe we can see a God fearing man who will put a stop to such unholy habits.