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If we used shale gas in Lithuania, maybe there would less instances of such abnormal spring - presidential advisor


President Dalia Grybauskaite's chief adviser on economic and social policy issues Nerijus Udrenas says that if we explored shale gas in Lithuania and started to use it, maybe we would have less such instances of abnormal spring as it is now.

"Some scientists claim that such disorderly and abnormal climate is due to increased carbon dioxide levels which are growing all over the world. The use of gas allows us to reduce carbon dioxide emissions because it is less polluting than coal. If shale gas was explored and used in Lithuania, it would contribute to the mitigation of climate change, perhaps we would have less such instances of anomalous spring, " said Udrenas in an interview to the radio Ziniu Radijas, Tuesday. Udrenas also said that shale gas consumption would reduce heating costs.