Kashmir: neglected

President Zardari’s assertion that Kashmir is a centrepiece of our foreign policy is welcome though for five years, the dispute figured low among PPP setup’s priorities. Now merely a lame duck, he seems to be rubbing salt on the wounds of the Kashmiris who have been surprised to see the PPP bending over backwards to placate New Delhi, even giving it the MFN status. Kashmir had always been one of the linchpins of Pakistan’s foreign policy but that reality changed ever since the rulers compromised on their conscience. Successive governments for instance, have been gradually conceding ground to New Delhi which has begun to assume that we are not quite serious about the issue.

However, despite all that Kashmir never was and never will be part of India although hundreds of thousands have been martyred. With every atrocity, only the resolve of the people is strengthened. As Quaid-i-Azam aptly called it our jugular vein, we have to accord the freedom struggle moral and political support until and unless the dreadful Indian yoke is shattered to pieces and the people breathe again as free humans. The error of judgement that the PPP has displayed should not be repeated by Pakistan. Kashmir should not merely be at centre-stage of the foreign policy in words but in deeds also.