Majority support

It is an accepted fact in democracies that people in a society can have different views, ideologies and faiths. In fact, freedom of expression stems from this fact. However, a person calling himself a democrat and sincerely believing himself to be one can indeed grow away from the aforementioned essence of democracy. Here is an example. A well-known “democratic” political scientist recently said: “Solving the Kurdish matter within a democracy is possible only with the support of the majority.

The majority will decide on the problem of minorities.” This is an extremely wrong perception, because when it comes to rights, there is no such thing as the support of the majority in democracies. The majority's support is sought only when electing who will rule the country. And solving the problem of minorities is the job of the law. A common example of this is as follows: If the majority's support had been sought, black people would never have been given equal rights to white people in the US.