'Mean It to Win Eat' to be introduced in Guimaras’ 'Manggahan Festival'

Guimaras province gears for its " 20th Manggahan Festival" that will start on April 8 and vows that the event will definitely be a feast for those who love the national fruit.

This year the organizers of the festival led by the provincial government under Felipe Hilan Nava has introduced innovations to make the event more interesting, said provincial information officer Leny G. Fible.

Fible said that the province decided to provide venue for non-Guimarasnons to have an initial taste of their sweet mangoes with their "Mean It to Win Eat" mango-eating contest to be held at the Robinson's Place in this city in April 11 and 14.

Only the first 25 participants will be accommodated per day to join either the traditional or non-traditional way of eating mangoes for free.

The traditional way allows the participant to hold the fruit while eating. The non-traditional has two categories: a pair, both blindfolded, holding the mangoes for their partners to eat; the other one is eating a peeled mango placed on plate without touching it with their hands.

Fible said participants have a minute to consume the fruit and those with less leftover will be declared the winner.

The most-awaited "eat-all-you-can" will be longer this year, and is scheduled on April 15 to 21 compared with the three days of the previous years. However, the registration fee has increased from P50 to P100.

Those who would like to join have options to try the green ones, the medium-ripe and the fully-ripe mangoes. In previous years only fully-ripe mangoes were consumed.

Surely, participants will love feasting on those mangoes should their intention is to break the record of nine kilos eaten by the champion last year, she stated.

Winners of the "Mean It to Win Eat" and "eat-all-you-can" will bring home sweet mangoes as prizes, she added.

Guimaras has long been producing sweet mangoes that placed the province in the international map. The export quality products are found in the United States and Australia, among its major markets.

The annual Manggahan Festival coincides with the foundation anniversary of Guimaras. and also celebrates the mango harvest season,

Meanwhile, the mounting of the Agri Trade Fair, launching of Guimaras Tourism Circuits, cooking demo of mango-based products, sports events, search for "Mutya ng Guimaras" and tribes competition are also expected to add colors to the festival.