Police action in Karachi areas; 9 suspects arrested

The city police arrested nine suspected people including a wounded miscreant during an overnight operation in Soldier Bazaar and localities around Patel Para conducted to track down the saboteurs involved in attack on a police check post in Patel Para.

It should be mentioned here that some saboteurs Monday attacked a police check post near Patel Para, killing two police personnel and injuring two others. Police launched this overnight search operation to hunt down the terrorists involved in the terror attack in Patel Para.

The personnel from different police stations of east zone undertook two actions in Patel Para and Soldier Bazaar; the first targeted operation was conducted in Patel Para’s Darban Bazaar, where police faced resistance and arrested a miscreant in an injured state in the wake of exchange of fire.

Later on, the police went for house-to-house search operation and arrested seven suspects.

The second targeted operation was conducted in Soldier Bazaar, where a man was arrested. Police claimed to have recovered eight weapons from the arrested miscreants.